Courtney Pitcher is an Interior Designer and Professional Organizer.  She has worked in the Design and Professional Organization industry for over fifteen years as owner of Pitcher Design Group.  Part of her organization services are helping clients pack and unpack for Residential moves.  The moment that she saw Geaux Crates in action, she was a believer in the product.    

The crates cut down on the packing time by 30 percent, as they eliminated the need to assemble boxes with tape and packing paper.  Likewise, on the back end of the project, they cut down the unpacking time by 30 percent; there was no longer a need to break down boxes.  The dollies made moving items from one room to another a cinch.  The icing on the cake was that there was no need to haul away truckloads of broken-down boxes at the end of the job.  

Geaux Crates have been the "go to" rentable crates for Courtney and her team for years.  

She is excited to continue the exceptional customer service that Geaux Crates established.   Courtney looks forward to helping Houstonians simplify their moves.